Prediction: Nov 15 BCH Hash Will Spike

The SV related miners have already put their cards on the the table with their hashpower, but bitmain still has considerable hashpower pointing at BTC.

Nov 15th is also the difficulty adjustment date for BTC, so a few exahashes of Bitmain’s BTC hashpower will likely switch to BCH ABC as the difficulty is lower than BTC, but marketprice is higher to mine than SV, and other miners in China will strategically point more hashpower on top of Bitmain’s ABC hashpower, remaining unidentified on the hash chart.

I predict roughly a 5 exahash addition from around 4 exahashes where BCH is now, so double the hashpower is also roughly double the price, so BCH will be trading at 1100 USD or more in the following days of the fork

Meanwhile, the SV hashpower will not increase, and thus the SV:ABC hash ratio and price ratio to ABC will sink further, with the sinking SV market price, causing miners to become even less incentivised to secure the SV network.

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