Bitcoin Unlimited – Bitcoin Cash edition Release candidate 2 has just been released

Download the latest Bitcoin Cash compatible release candidate of Bitcoin Unlimited (, December 8th, 2018) from:

This is a main release candidate of Bitcoin Unlimited compatible with the Bitcoin Cash specifications you could find here:

This release candidate is compatible with both Bitcoin Cash and SV changes to the consensus rules. SV features set is disabled by default, the default policy is to activate the set of changes as defined by the

Although this software has passed normal QA tests, it is currently undergoing longevity testing to validate stability. If you are looking for the most stable software, use the last Official Release (i.e.

List of fixes since BU

  • Making Xversion more permissive in the initial handshake
  • Set Excessive Block Size (EB) properly while in SV mode
  • Ensure that blk files storage operate on an append-only basis
  • Various minor fixes/improvements to the python QA framework
  • Reduce the last of thinblock/preferential timer to 1 sec from 10 sec.
  • Fixed connection drop bug where a ping that happened soon after initial connection would be ignored, causing an eventual ping timeout.

List of notable changes to the code base since BU 1.5.0:

  • 10x transaction processing performance
  • Extended version message: xversion
  • adding a checkpoint at height 556767 both for the SV and the BCH chain

Release notes:

Since this is a release candidate and not an official release the Ubuntu PPA repository is not going to be updated.

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