What kind of vision? BSV -> BS-V

Words matters. Words are spells in our thoughts which affect our mind and thus how we view things around us. They are like code in our mental operating system. It’s important that we know what code is running, who wrote it, what it does and why it’s doing what it’s doing.

From discussing the term “Satoshi’s vision” in this thread, it has become abundantly obvious to me that the “Bitcoin SV” originators are attempting to cast a spell to covertly alter our thinking and thus our behaviour. It’s an attempt to hack our thoughts.

As pointed out by u/jessquit in this brilliant comment, “Satoshi’s vision” and “Satoshi’s Bitcoin” are terms dating back to at least the inception of Bitcoin Cash. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard those terms used even before then to refer to the original guiding principles and goals of Bitcoin.

From here on out I am going to refer to “Bitcoin SV” (AKA “Bitcoin: Satoshi’s Vision”) as simply BS-V.

BS: bullshit.

V: vision

I don’t think BS-V represents Satoshi’s vision. Not the one that inspired me quite long ago now. I think it’s the opposite: I think this bullshit vision (BS-V) is designed to damage, subvert and poison Satoshi’s vision. I think BS-V is designed to damage the one crypto currency project which has the best chance at fully realising that vision: Bitcoin Cash.

If you share my beliefs about “Bitcoin SV”, then consider joining me in use of the term BS-V to refer to it. I think most people will know that it refers to “Bitcoin SV” when they see it, as the popular “Bitcoin SV” ticker is “BSV”. The addition of hyphen makes all the difference.

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