The BITCOIN BILLBOARD PROJECT has relaunched. After long deliberation, we have made a decision…. to Support BITCOIN!

The BITCOIN BILLBOARD PROJECT has relaunched. After long deliberation, we have made a decision.... to Support BITCOIN!

Check out our new sign design….

There are two kinds of people in this community. Those that Code and do all that Devvie stuff, and those that don’t.

I don’t. I Market. I have realized that everything that attracted me to Bitcoin in the first place is dead with Bitcoin Core group. I actually don’t care if they get Lightening working or not. I just don’t see the point of trading JPMorgan / Goldman Sachs Bankers – for new Tech Giant Hubs.

The Bitcoin Community has lost its energy. I watch everyone acting like scared rabbits, hoping for some whale to do the next big pump that catches on.

Well, F#ck that! I have a ton of BTC & BCH. I am selling my BTC slowly into this Marketing Project as we head into the end of the year. We see Global Hyperinflation starting to spread. After the U.S. election, this thing (Global Fiat) is going to fall apart —- and BITCOIN (Cash) needs to start getting out into the eyes and ears of of the world as THE REAL THING!

Atlanta, GA is home to CNN and this year’s Superbowl. I’m fundraising to add more marketing. My goal is to saturate one International City. You can donate to it at our website. Not a single Satoshi goes to anything except the billboards and marketing.

We need some Buzz! Let the Techies do their Coding and Devvie things! But those of us that can’t – have plenty we can do.

Check out our website, our billboards, T-Shirts etc. We partnered with BitcoinCashAdoption that makes and sells the T-Shirts. Get yours here (the BIC Project does not profit one dime)

I Love you guys! This has been a long road, but I think we are getting close.And Amaury, Craig, everyone. PLEASE MAKE PEACE! KIND WORDS GO A LONG WAYS! ALWAYS COUNT TO TEN (or 100) BEFORE POSTING OR TWEETING AND CONSIDER IF IT IS WORTH IT!

I’m going to catch sh!t for this – but I believe CSW has earned the right to get his shot at his plan. Love him or hate him (yeah, he even blocked me on one of my twitter accounts)…. I think we all know deep down what the “S” stands for in CSW!

Amaury….. I love you man. And I want to also say THANK YOU! Things have gotten heated lately, and I don’t think its been said enough to you, and to everyone else…… JUST THANK YOU! SINCERELY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! AND I BELIEVE BY MOST ALL IN THIS COMMUNITY!

But everyone, please, please please just be patient and calm. We are so close everyone. If we implode now – we’re no better than Core. Dear God Please Let Us Not Screw This Up!


– david


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