Blockchain: The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Bitcoin, Ethereum & Other Cryptocurrencies. (Smart Contracts, Dapps, Investing, Mining, Litecoin, Ripple, Putincoin etc.)


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The next big thing in the computer and business world, the thing that is going to change our society the way the internet changed it in the 90s? Are you ready to take advantage of the situation and be at the forefront of this big change?

This complete guide includes everything you need to know about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It explains everything from basics for beginners but also dives into much more advanced concepts so you can start taking advantage of the big opportunities in the world of blockchain. If you have wanted to get into the world of cryptocurrency and the blockchain, but haven’t been sure how, then this is the book for you!

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn:

– What Do Words Like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin And Etherum Mean
– Pros And Cons Of Using Blockchain Technology
– How Does Blockchain Technology Work – In Plain English
– Managing Digital Transactions
– How To Exchange Cryptocurrency And Other Practical Applications
– Blockchain And The Finance Industry
– How Blockchain Can Reshape Financial Services
– What Is Distributed Ledger?
– New Developments: Segregated Witness, Payment Channels, Lighting Network
– 5 Industries That Will Be Disrupted In The Future By Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies
– Executives Guide To Implementing Blockchain Technology
– Bitcoin Mining
– Etherum Mining
– Investing In Bitcoin
– Investing In Etherum
– Investing In Other Cryptocurrencies
– Smart Contracts, Dapps, DAOs
– Information About Other Cryptocurrencies:
* Litecoin
* Ripple
* Dash
* Dogecoin
* Emercoin
* Putincoin
* Auroracoin
* ZCash
* Digibyte
Many More…
– Advanced Tips & Strategies To Profit From Bitcoin
– Advanced Tips & Strategies To Profit From Etherum
– Advanced Tips & Strategies To Profit From Other Cryptocurrencies
– How To Create Your Own Digital Currency
– Much, Much More!

A lot of people want to get involved with the latest technology, but they’re not sure how it works, or if we’re even capable of understanding it. If you’re not a huge computer person, you can easily feel like you’re being left behind and unable to take advantage of the next big step in our technological society.

Fortunately, this book breaks down everything that you need to know about the world of blockchains and cryptocurrency in plain English. Now you’ll be able to understand the blockchain, mining, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency itself, and be able to enter the world of the first successful decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin, which has generated an economy that is literally multi-billions of dollars strong. This world of opportunity and financial strength can be yours, just by reading this book and understanding how it all comes together.

If you’re already pretty familiar with Blockchain and are also good with computers, such as a developer or software engineer, then this book will be helpful for you as well. It details how to get started with advanced mining, businesses to look into for exploring new blockchain possibilities, how to make money off of your technical know-how in the blockchain, and even how to create your own cryptocurrency.

Don’t be left behind, whether you’re a newbie to computers or a computer savant. This book has something for everyone, whether you want to become an altcoin trader, you want to incorporate the blockchain into your company as an executive, or if you want to get in on the ground level as a miner.

Governments, Big Companies, And Successful Entrepreneurs Are Rushing To Implement The Blockchain Technology In Many Different Areas And We Highly Recommend You Do The Same. Get The Book At A Discounted Price And Start Taking Advantage Of All The Opportunities That The Blockchain Offers.

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