PSA – Bitcoin SV engaging in social media manipulation and fake 32MB blocks propoganda.

There is a wave of threads about 32MB blocks being mined but Bitcoin SV trolls didn’t mention is that these transactions were NOT broadcasted to the network. Therefore, the only miners who knew of these transactions, are the Bitcoin SV miners mining them, since other miners don’t get to see it. Obviously, after they mined these 32MB blocks, the propaganda became active. This reminds me back of all the CoinGeek lies and fake articles about what happened during the Thailand miners conference. These unethical assholes need to be driven out from Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Secondly, Bitcoin SV trolls keep accusing others of social media manipulation. It turns out they were the ones doing these all along and here’s the evidence.

These sounds like typical government propaganda and misinformation tactics, Bitcoin SV is accusing the enemy of doing what they are actually doing themselves.

Thirdly, Bitmain alone has multiples more hashrates than Bitcoin SV + pro BSV combined.

I came from a neutral position to pro ABC (at least for now) because it is very clear now that Bitcoin SV is toxic and harmful to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. These unethical assholes need to be purged. It seems like they have no good parental upbringing at all. The more they tries to engage in social media manipulation, the more we need to speak up against it.

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