New Electron Cash coinsplit tool with support for both OP_CDSV and OP_MUL released!

Here (source only, for now):

There has been a lot of focus lately on the opcode OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY which can be used to make ABC-only transactions — a property used in the previous release of my coin splitting tool. In the spirit of Electron Cash’s support of both chains, today I’m releasing an update that helps you use an SV-only opcode, OP_MUL.

I strongly suggest that only experts use the OP_MUL tool, for technical reasons:

  • The MUL variant of the splitter is slightly less flexible in that disabled opcodes prevent creation of a ‘refund’ branch in script. So, the 1000 satoshis you send to the splitting contract will be semi-permanently unspendable on the ABC chain, until a future date when OP_MUL gets enabled.
  • By carefully using both the CDS tool and the MUL tool, you can create a full two-way split that lets you immediately start transacting on both chains without fear of replay attacks. However,doing this in a properly attacker-immune way will require a deep understanding of the UTXO aspect of bitcoin.

See previous announcement and user guide for more info (user guide has not yet been updated to match this release, however the minor differences in usage should be obvious).

Note: Most users who want to split coins do not even need to use coin splitting tools like this, and can obtain already-split coins from many services such as cryptocurrency exchanges. I have released this tool mainly to help advanced users (including exchange operators) to control their coins independently of other services.

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