Just unpacked the new Antminer T15

I promised a couple people I’d post this here when it finally came in, I spent last night unboxing and setting up my new miners. (Paging /u/noticething)

These things are pretty solid. The PSU is integrated, and the form factor is like no other Antminer I’ve worked with before. I was expecting something closer to the E3, but this is actually pretty compact and seems a little better designed, the control board is fully enclosed, and it only takes up about 1/2 of the space occupied by the E3 if you include the PSU.

The noise level is around the same as an S9, maybe a little higher in pitch. I’m not sure if the differences between the S/T lines are still the same, but if so, the S15 is likely much quieter, since its fans will actually spin down. These didn’t come with a D-cable, but the packing materials seemed much higher quality than what was used to ship the S7/S9’s. It seems like it may put off a little less heat than previous models as well.

I’ve kept mine on power saver mode, and it’s still pulling between 20-23TH. With no downtime since last night, it’s looking like one T15 will pull about 0.026 BCH per day, or about 0.001 BTC.

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