It’s great to see all the technical discussion here. Because the other sub doesn’t allow it!

Dear Trolls: Your overlords have already decided everything for you. Disagree with them? Tough luck. You have no input.

Your Dev-centralized, Blockstream-controlled “bitcoin” is now being planned by a couple of people who are owned by a corporation that has $151 million in investors that want their money back.

That’s now the priority of the people running your version of Bitcoin. Fuck the white paper? Pretty much.

Welcome to our sub.

Where every single thread is filled with intelligent discussion about important technical differences of opinion.

While your sub is filled with clueless newbies who haven’t been around longer than 11 months, giggling about Lambo Memes.

The quality of your sub has degraded so drastically that even you come here for the interesting conversation.

Whether for it’s entertainment, drama, or simply mental stimulation; people are getting none of that on your sub, because we’ve all been banned. And we are the ones who want the freedom to think and discuss “Bitcoin”.

Watch us hash it out.

It’s called freedom of speech. The free market. We will debate. But that’s what we’re supposed to do. While you’re all acting like low IQ idiots trolling about popcorn and train wrecks, this is the healthy way to work through shit. You wouldn’t know that because your masters have disallowed your ability to speak freely.

Consider this a lesson in how Bitcoin should’ve played out.

In the end, at least “the experiment” now has an opportunity to succeed or fail on its own merits. Respect us for wanting to see that through, and for having the balls to listen to viewpoints we may not agree with.

If it doesn’t succeed? Then great. 2000 other coins out there. But at least the actual “Bitcoin“ has a chance to finish its path.

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