Introducing: – visualize the Bitcoin Hash Wars

I’ve been a huge fan of Bitcoin for a while. I moved over to Bitcoin Cash when I began questioning my own beliefs and the loud majority, as people should. The excitement and drama around the Bitcoin Cash Hash Wars inspired me to create a visualizer to give people in the BCH community the ability to visualize the status of the Hash Wars. Given the name, it seemed obvious to give this some pop-culture treatment: features:

  • BCH node distribution
  • BCH trading price
  • Countdown to fork date
  • BCHABC / USDC trading price (poloniex)
  • BCHSV / USDC trading price (poloniex)

I used Bitsockets (thanks /u/unwriter) to monitor the donation address – which of course displays something fun when it detects a donation. Cough cough “fastest hunk of junk” cough cough


May the fork be with you!

PS: My money is on BCHABC 🙂

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