Electron Cash users — beware of lagging servers! (ElectrumX server owners — check your server!)

The recent 32 MB blocks have revealed a lockup issue in the ElectrumX server software, that randomly affects some servers but not others. As a result, several servers have gotten stuck on block 556048. If you are connected to such a server you will notice a few things:

  • Orange network status icon in bottom right.
  • “Server is lagging” in status bar.
  • If you open the Network dialog you will see the blockchain height disagrees with your selected primary server.

Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/c0d13zU.png

Electron Cash normally tries to switch away from lagging servers so you probably have not have noticed anything, however such switching would not occur if you have manually selected a server. If you are stuck on a lagging server, you will not see recent transaction history and transactions you make may fail to broadcast.

It looks like Neil Booth (ElectrumX maintainer) has a fix in the pipeline and it should be released soon in ElectrumX 1.8.12. I will also keep the ABC/BU/XT-compatible ElectronX variant up-to-date. For now, affected ElectrumX server owners can work around the problem by simply restarting the software.

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