Developer documentation? Videos? Educational materials? How does a dev learn the source code and get involved?

Back in 2012 when I first learned about bitcoin, it inspired me to get into code and step into a different world than I lived in. Now I am almost finished with my graduate degree in computer science, I am still interested, but there are many barriers which are keeping me from becoming involved.

At several points during my learning process, I have wondered about dev notes and educational materials relating to the source code. Where are these?

My thoughts are that if bitcoin cash or whatever serious attempt at a crypto currency that comes up wants to be for real and be a serious player in the world, they must provide deep and excellent educational materials to the masses. Claiming that the code is all that is needed to understand things is not enough. People who are not capable of grokking the entirety of the code form the source alone are still valuable, both as coders and as sources of ideas. The more people who are capable of understanding either portions or the whole of the code base means the more eyes that may be capable of finding bugs like the recent one.

So where are these educational programs which detail the architecture and help people though the massive source that BTC and BCH has become?

When I took my first internship, it was horrible because the documentation was difficult and incomplete, and they only let me touch the surface of the codebase. But I found my way because I had good teachers.

Education and resources are what we need as a community. Not as a layer of bureaucracy that people can hide behind, but as a shining layer of clarity when people have questions. If we want true success in the long run, understanding the source code should be as simple as understanding how to deal with a banker. Every aspect should be taught clearly by someone who speaks as plainly as your reflection in the mirror. That means that it should be taught in many languages, and from many perspectives. Code architecture is something that can be learned in many different ways, which all lead to the same fundamental understanding.

They should exist, and we as a community should consider these materials as important as the code itself. They are the key to mass adoption of not just the currency, but the mass security that comes from a million understanding eyes.

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