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If a bull run was around the corner, this would be the corner it was around. Most ‘experts’ in the field from CZ (of Binance) to the majority of the crypto funds have stated this 8-month bear market is likely to reverse between Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 of 2018. The reason for this reversal in market sentiment? Likely a plethora of catalysts driving BTC and the entire altcoin markets higher.

This week Canadians were approved to use an investment tool similar to an ETF in order to invest directly in Bitcoin (BTC) $6515.85 +0.17% with significantly less risk (and tax deference). Besides Canada, the U.S. approved a Winklevoss backed stable coin which will be audited within the U.S. by multiple agencies (bye bye Tether and USDT).

What happened to the investigations that all the sudden disappeared? It seems regardless of the Tether investigation, the Winklevoss brothers have found a solution for a stable, audited, ‘tethered’ coin to the U.S. dollar.

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