Craig Wright plan on stealing old wallet balances (and "burned" coins) on BSV, and calls them "sunken treasure". I think this is how he will "recover" Satoshi’s coins

In a step that goes beyond a level in insanity that I ever thought possible, Craig recently stated that he plans on stealing all of the coins that have been burned via OP_FALSE, as well as all the coins that have been “lost” in old wallet balances.

Here is the relevant quote:

” When a private key is lost, it is merely out of circulation. It may be many years, but all old addresses eventually become mine-able and can be recovered.

Returning “lost” money into circulation is a future means of miner revenue and analogous to salvage firms who seek lost bullion on ships that have sunk in the sea.”

Or in other words, he plans on “returning”, ie stealing, all of the money that is contained within old bitcoin addresses, at least on the SV chain.

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