Can somebody explain to me how Bitcoin is 100% safe? If 100% of the miners start rewriting the blockchain it would only take them 5 years to undo the first tx that Satoshi made. How is that 100% safe?

edit: It’s actually about 200 days at current hashrate levels to completely rewrite the entire blockchain. So if all miners cheat for 200 days, even Satoshi his first tx can be send to somebody else.

edit2: Of course this is a thought exercise. My point is: Within Bitcoin you inherently trust that the majority of the miners will play within the rules and build the system rather then attacking it. Bitcoin makes the assumption that there will always be a majority of miners that are rational profit seeking agents. To say something like, 0 conf is not 100% secure. Only when tx get in to the block is 100% secure is something that is dishonest. You are comparing two frameworks. You are talking about a framework where the miners can not be trusted (o-conf) and then you talk about the framework where the miners can be trusted. Then and only then can you claim that o conf is not 100% secure and a tx in a block is 100% secure. In reality there is no such thing as 100% secure. Because it’s possible that all the miners say: fuck my own wealth. And that together in 200 days they rewrite the entire chain. Only 50 days for the BCH chain.

Anyway …

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