Calvin blinked

Apparently Calvin has stated that if ABC/BU/XT/etc win, then he will consider that the “valid chain” and work towards it.


It doesn’t work like that.

Chains don’t become valid or invalid because you win or lose.

If the ABC chain was going to, say, increase block reward subsidies to 50BCH in perpetuity, do you follow that chain?

No. It would be invalid.

CSW and his little shill army are “marching to war” because ABC is supposedly wrecking BCH and making it “invalid” with CTOR and DSV.

How do these magically become valid to you just because you lose your “hashwar?” I mean, Segwit definitely has more hashrate, and none of us consider it “valid.” RBF isn’t “valid.”

What this means, folks, is that this isn’t about ideology no matter how much the nchain shills try to manufacture dissent.

What this means is that ABC’s changes aren’t actually controversial in Calvin’s eyes.

What this means is that the “war” is being fought on false pretenses.

This isn’t about ideology. This isn’t about code. This isn’t even about the development process.

This is about control. Full stop.

It has nothing to do with “what’s best.”

It has only to do with “what’s mine.”

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