"By bending to the laws of nations [BSV] is no longer agnostic. Truly agnostic currencies like BCH are completely neutral and allow anyone anywhere in the world to transact."


I think that’s what csw don’t get (or pretends not to). There are hundreds of nations and many have their own particularities. What is ok with one SEC may not be ok with the other SEC, even States within a country can have different regulations.

It is really not related, primarily, to being anarchist or anti-state. It is a simple fact that it is impossible to have a scientific endeavor that depends on permission of all major nations in the world. This is impractical and lunatic.

Furthermore, the loss of agnosticism creates a resistance between competing nations. This is detrimental to world-wide adoption.

So, make the most of the technology and governments will adapt and learn. If the technology is really good, it will be adopted.

What csw/calvin propose is to deliver a species of permissioned bitTorrent client that burns electricity equivalent to several whole cities. Can’t see how that will work.

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