Bitcoin Cash Wallet by Hash Engineering will be taken off Google Play

We created the Bitcoin Cash Wallet app to allow users of Bitcoin Wallet by Andreas Schildbach to access their BCH after August 2017. Maintaining the app and supporting the users takes a large commitment and we don’t have the resources to support it. Recently, even today, there was a bug that prevented sending and receiving after a block was mined with over 4,000 transactions. We were able to quickly issue a fix that will hopefully prevent more users from experiencing this issue, but we can’t guarantee that will be the case in the future.

On November 15, there will be the network upgrade and what happens with this app is not known. Theoretically it will follow the longest chain of SV or ABC.

Therefore, we will soon be taking this app off the Google Play Store since users are storing actual value in the app and we don’t have time to support it.

Google play store:

If you are interested in taking over development, here is the source:

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